Fragile Planets

Opening Saturday, April 1, 2017
Exhibition runs April 1 – 31, 2017

Western GM Drumheller Gallery
80 Veterans Way, Drumheller, AB
tel: (403) 823-1370

Currently, my work is focused on explorations of circular and elliptical imagery related to movement, and the influence of our peripheral senses on perceptions of reality.  In exploring these ideas, I find many connections to universal concepts and aesthetics.

Fragile Planets is composed of layers of circles: circular imagery in each small painting, circular formation of the finished work, and a full-circle process of first stitching each canvas, then pulling a print from each piece, and then going back to the canvas with paint applied over the residue of printing ink.  Each piece is unique, but overall the individual pieces are more the same than different, collectively forming a gestalt that relates to the human experience.

In keeping with my interest in movement and the peripheral senses, the Fragile Planets installation occupies the middle of the gallery, and the pieces move slightly with passing air currents.  In this way, the peripheral vision inevitably becomes engaged when viewing the work, and by entering the installation the whole body can become engaged.

As installed, the circular form of Fragile Planets symbolizes a meditative process.  A circle is protective because it is an endless shape; it can keep the world in or keep it out.  At the same time, a circle can be entered or exited at any point.

The title of this work also suggests layers of meaning.  From the OED:

Fragile – easily broken or damaged, delicate, unsubstantial, flimsy, brittle.  Fragility relates to transience.
Planets – one of the bodies in space which revolve around the sun of the earth’s solar system, shining by reflected light from the sun.  Planetary relates to universe, creation, anagalactic and metagalactic space.

Finally, the Greek planates means wanderer.  From some perspectives it would appear that we are all wanderers, individually and collectively as a species.

These are some of the reflections that passed through my mind while my hands created the Fragile Planets.