Miner, Healer, Instrumentalist


Healer, Instrumentalist, Miner

Three hard hats painted and altered for cSPACE Project groundbreaking ceremony.
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Hardhat #1: The Miner

This is the Miner’s hat. It is to be worn during any process of unearthing. The scuffed and weathered surface treatment reminds the miner that beauty and delicacy are not always where we expect to find them, and to excavate with care.


Hardhat #2: The Healer

This is the Healer’s hat. This hat is beneficial when arthritis enters the mind. Its copper wiring soothes any stiff and painful thought processes, the surface scratching pattern is a continuation of ancient history, and its soft warm colour soothes and brings the natural world into focus.


Hardhat #3: The Instrumentalist

This is the Instrumentalist’s hat. It may be worn on special occasions. It has elements of the cosmos, planets and stars. It is a bit sparkly but not so glittery that the wearer loses their connection to the rest of the players.


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