The process used in making these abstracted works could be called “automatic stitching” : referring to the creation of an aesthetic which is informed and developed through peripheral and subconscious sensory experiences.

Drawn from the interaction of random and controlled elements within an urban environment, these series explore a graceful, meandering language which reflects human nature. 

Within each Multiple suite the individual parts have their own integrity, and through their interaction as one work they create a gestalt that echoes our own individual and collective experiences of the world. Multiple points of view are infinitely more interesting and informative, and often more perplexing and uncomfortable, than any single viewpoint. However, when many points of view are seen together, we may hope to gain a more complete picture of the thing we seek to understand.

An important aspect of these suites is that they may be put together in almost limitless combinations, so that shifting the pieces opens up multiple ways of viewing the whole.

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