Urban Seams

Opens Saturday, October 6, 2-4pm, artist in attendance
Exhibition runs October 6-27, 2012
The Front Gallery
12312 Jasper Ave NW Edmonton, AB, Canada
tel: 780-488-2952
web: thefrontgallery.com

verna vogel urban seams exhibition

Beyond the “seams” of urban planning there is a living, breathing, ever-changing city scape within which Verna Vogel finds inspiration for creating her multilayered canvases. Her stitched and painted constructions bring to mind illusions of permanence and ephemerality, exploring what it means to build a city while holding true to visions of beauty.

“The shapes of spaces between buildings; a lone arial or vent silhouetted on a rooftop; sunlight on concrete, on glass; the translucency of tarps and bones of buildings under construction: these individual details are very important to reach a visual understanding of the city as a whole.”

Many thanks to Rachel Beirsto